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Attractive Admin Areas

I have recently used an e-commerce content management system (CMS) on a couple of different sites.  I won’t name names, but I will say that the default backend can be an eyesore. One client liked it, so I let it be.  Yet I found that I was coming to resent the admin area.  I knew […]

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Animation on the Web

Animation can do a lot to enhance a website, making it fun and interesting. In essence, animation can take you “from drool to cool.” Flash is a powerful tool, but alternatives, such as jQuery, are coming to the forefront as well.

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The Face of New Media

I’m a huge fan of media. I believe it can have a profound effect on our lives. Media allows us to communicate like we never have before. Recently, the term “new media” has entered our vernacular. It includes websites, and all the new functionality they offer. It’s a term that includes interactivity, and the use […]

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Logos: From Name to Brand

As you read elsewhere on the site, I have a rather unique name. It’s an instant identifier, making me unique in the name spectrum. With a unique name, people remember you. A logo is like a name. It’s an instant visual identifier. Your logo provides the recognition you need to stand out in the crowd. […]

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